Kaslo Sourdough is a second generation, family owned business location in the West Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada. Silvio and Gabi Lettrari started Kaslo Sourdough Bread in 1993. In 2015, Silvio adapted his knowledge of sourdough bread fermentation to a whole new food category – sourdough pasta.

Kaslo Sourdough produces high quality, artisan sourdough breads and sourdough pastas.

Our sourdough breads are available in the West Kootenay region only while our sourdough pastas are available in stores across Western Canada and online in North America.

Our Vision

Microbes at their best: we harness ancient sourdough fermentation technology to transform  people’s expectations of wheat and wheat-based pastas.

Our Mission

Our mission statements ground us, remind us every day why we put so much energy into producing top quality pasta:

  • To enable people to fall in love with wheat again, preparing it with a traditional technology (sourdough fermentation) that makes it easier to digest  and better for us;
  • To provide high qualityhealthy food that can be shared with family and friends;
  • To support our local Canadian farmers,  by including as many high quality Canadian ingredients as possible; and
  • To do business following a quadruple bottom line, which considers the environment, our social and community fabric, business and innovation.

Our Pasta Fermentata™  

Have you ever heard of or tasted sourdough pasta? Exactly!

All of our pastas are made with using our natural sourdough culture, which we have been using in our sourdough breads for over 20 years. This new invention is named ‘Pasta Fermentata™’.

With high quality Canadian ingredients (including natural spring water from our backyard), our fermented pastas have unique characteristics not found in conventional pastas: improved digestibility and nutrient absorption, superior flavour, and very fast cooking time — 5 or 6 minutes for al dente! We’ve plumbed the available scientific research to substantiate our own observations for the benefits of naturally fermented foods.

We offer a variety of pastas: 12 different flour combinations available in 6 different shapes!

Each flour has a unique flavour and nutrient profile, as well as different characteristics, so you can choose from our more hearty, protein-rich varieties such as the whole grain whole wheat, quinoa, buckwheat, or our powerhouse hemp, or you can try some of our lighter varieties such as our classics, the millet, and spelt clear.

Through trial and error, we have discovered the ideal process for extruding the perfect fermented pasta.

Learn more about our sourdough pastas here



Our Sourdough Bread

The beginning…

In 1991, Silvio found his passion for European style sourdough bread. After 2AM starts, countless experiments, and hours of reading and research, Kaslo Sourdough was born. He began out of an original, stone deck, brick oven located on the Front Street of Kaslo. After two summers of success, and demand for his traditional fermented sourdough breads all-year round, the Kaslo Sourdough Bakery started serving West Kootenay stores in 1993.

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